Generation Dance provides an open, welcoming and safe environment for everyone to participate in our programs.

We provide high quality programs for children & young adults that are safe and welcoming for them. We continue to seek advice and guidance from our students, parents, teachers & staff so these standards are maintained.


• Encourage teachers and staff to have open communication with their students and emphasis no secrets.

• Ensure that every child is treated equally and with dignity and respect.

• Ensure the welfare of the child comes first.

• Ensure that teachers and staff are aware of the indicators of abuse and they know what to do if this situation occurs.

• Ensure that teachers and staff are aware of their obligation to advise the studio director of any concerns about the safety, welfare and wellbeing of any child that may arise.

• Ensure that teachers and staff are aware of mandatory obligations to report suspected risk of significant harm and of the procedures for doing so.

Ensure teachers

• DO NOT emotionally manipulate a child as a form of control.

• DO NOT make inappropriate remarks, use inappropriate language, or say suggestive comments to a child, even in jest.

• DO NOT engage in any form of bullying, exclusion or gossip.

• DO NOT fail to act on, report, or record any allegations made by a child.