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Pre School Dance classes for boys and girls 2 to 5 years

Do you have a youngster that likes to sing and dance?

move and groove?

twirl and tippy toe?

stomp and shout? and have FUN?

Then you can't look past this Pre School program for your little dancer. Combine with Ready Set Ballet and/or Tiny Tumble to cover all aspects of dance!


Ready Set Dance is an hour combo class incorporating Jazz, Hip Hop, Music, Tap and Singing. These classes are extremely popular but with over 10 classes per week for you to choose from, we are sure to have one just right for you and your child!

*We encourage students to participate in classes on their own, without their parent. Parents are able to watch their child's class from TV's in our foyer, through our CCTV. This is to minimise distraction for all students in the class and maximise learning potential.

Class levels (2019 classes)

Level 1 - Children born 2016

Level 2 - Children born 2015 & 2014

*2014 babies commencing school in 2019 will enrol in our recreational or exam classes